A Quiet Day of Rest for the Twins

AGE: 2 weeks, 1 day (27 weeks, 0 days gestation)

Lochlan: Weight is 810 grams/1 lb. 12.6 oz. (Birth weight: 760 grams/1 lb 10.8 oz.) Up 10 grams from yesterday

Lex:  Weight is 860/1 lb. 14.3 oz. (Birth weight: 760 grams/1 lb 10.8 oz) Up 80 grams from yesterday.

8 PM: The twins had a relatively relaxing day. The medical team is still working on balancing and monitoring respiratory rates, gas levels, blood pressure andblood sugars.

Both boys are on their second round of ibuprofen therapy (3 doses given every 24 hours). They both had their second dose tonight. This is Lex's fifth day of consecutive ibuprofen and Lochlan's fourth.  Both boys will receive one more dose tomorrow (08/03/17) evening. Sometime on Friday (08/04) they will have another echocardiogram to see if the ibuprofen has further reduced the patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).

Lex is still dealing with low blood pressure and is currently on a 17 mics out of 20 of dopamine. We are hoping the ibuprofen will further shrink the PDA and ease the heart so that the heart is not overworked; this should raise the blood pressure to a comfortable rate. We are hopeful that the heart will begin working better so we can get off dopamine. Once Lex is off of dopamine and ibuprofen, he can start taking feeds again.

Lochlan is accepting the ibuprofen will with no side effects. Once his third dose is complete, he will be able to begin feeds again which will really help.

We hope that this quiet day of rest for the boys will help their bodiesshrink their PDA so the heart can do what it needs to do.