Day 9 - 07-27-17 - My Heart on My heart

It was a great day, especially for Lex.


Lex had his cranial ultrasound today because it is his 10 day of life. We found that Lex had a grade 1 bleed on the right side of his brain and none on his left. The bleeding that is there is very likely to resolve itself on its own. After day 10, risks for further brain bleeding drastically drops. This is all great news.


Lex got his UVC line (umbilical line) out; because of this and because he is stable he was ready for skin time. I got to hold him on my chest for the first time. He absolutely melted and did not move the whole time. I loved being able to have him close to my heart. It gave me the same feeling I had when he was in my belly. It made me feel calm and that he was exactly where he was supposed to be. My heart is full.


He required more phototherapy because of his bilirubin counts. He has been on and off it since birth so this is not a surprise. Feeds are great, blood is good, o2 is good. He lost a little weight and weighs 730 grams.



He had his second echocardiogram which showed his PDA is still large. He began his second round of Tylenol to help close it. He vomited again and was pulled off a feed then put back on again. His digestive system is having a tough time although he did gain weight and weighs exactly what Lex does today, 730 grams.



I had a CT scan showing my surgery went well. I had a small procedure which was causing 90% of my discomfort, but I now feel like a free woman and am very ready to really start healing. Tonight I get to sleep comfortably and with my husband. This was a major milestone for me, I see a smooth road to recovery from here on out.


We still need to get Loch's digestive system to mature so he can become more stable like his brother. The journey so far has been a competition for the boys. One will progress while the other hits a speed bump and visa versus. Just last week, we were told that Alex was much more sick than Lochlan, but now it's the opposite. I'm fine with the ping ponging as long as we stay a net positive. So far so good. Looking forward to more skin time tomorrow. Today was a good day.