Day 11 - 07/29/17 Update - Snuggle Fest 2017

Both boys are getting stable enough to do kangaroo care. Benefits of the skin time include: heart rate stabilization, breathing regulation, improved O2 levels, more/better sleep, rapid weight gain and more. I have gotten to hold Lex once for 1 hour and Loch once for 1.25 hours. I'm still healing from surgery so I can't do the full 3 hours yet, but will soon enough. Kyle is doing his first skin time with Lex now and has almost hit the 2 hour mark. They are both in heaven, especially kyle.


Lex is officially over his birth weight weigh in 1 lb 11.9 oz. birth weight was 1 lb 11.6 oz. this is very exciting. We learned Lex has very limited bleeding in his brain that will likely resolve itself in its own. His PDA (unclosed heart valve) is still large and the doctors want to switch him from the Tylenol to the Ibprofen therapy because it's a little stronger but has more risks. He underwent two rounds of Tylenol. He won't be able to take feeds while on the ibprofen so he will need to get a PICC line in which is how he will revive his nutrients and fluids while in ibprofen. The good news is he is eating a lot so he will be all stocked up on food before being taken off of the feeds. Lex started to open his eyes which is incredible to see. In the womb, babies eyes are fused until 24 weeks or so. I look forward to more universe gazing in his eyes.


Lochlan is doing well. When we speak, he also tries to open his eyes and his forehead gets all crinkled, but no eyes yet as they still appear to be fused. Maybe we will she his little eyes this week. He has had digestion issues, but the doctors are now feeding him slow and steady which seems to have helped ease his little stomach. Lochlan likes to be left alone and gets feisty when doctors move him for care. He was very docile in the womb too, I guess, like his mother, he enjoys some alone time to ponder life. Plus, we like to see a little fight in the boys! Lochlan's IVH (brain bleed) seems to have stopped and even possibly lessened which was shown in a cranial ultrasound a couple days ago. This feels like progress so we pray that his body will continue to work the blood out on its own. He began his second round of Tylenol to reduce his unfolded heart valve (PDA). We are hopeful this works so that he doesn't require the ibprofen therapy. We softly sing to Loch because most of his bleed is in his right brain. I feel like it may stimulate the right brain (the creative/artistic brain) and help push the blood out. This is my own non medical treatment, but worth a shot.


I am progressing and am gaining stamina. We even went to the hospital three times yesterday. I walked the entire day, I have previously been in a wheel chair 90% of the time. I may have overdone it, but feel so great that I can be more present and available for the boys.


Kyle continues to carry all 4 of us. He is amazing and there is no one else I would want to walk this journey with. Feeling particularly blessed to have the family I have on this beautiful day.