Day 4 - Saturday, July 22

I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming light and love you have blanketed around our twins. We feel it and so do they. Their first 4 days have shown a pattern of 2 steps forward, one step back. That and the fact I am also healing from two surgeries have made this a challenging journey emotionally, mentally and physically. Our goal is to remain optimistic and present as we walk this journey with our warrior sons. If we are slow to respond it's only because Lex and Loch's health or ours are requiring our focus so please know that we appreciate you and will get back to you when we have a moment of calm. But don't stop reaching out. We welcome it as it empowers our little family. 🙏

The best gift anyone can provide are words of support, prayers and positive energy; all of which have been received and are appreciated more than I could ever express. 🙏

When I am able, I will create a blog to easily share updates and journal this story. The quick update for now: we are home with sweet poppy for the first time since last Saturday. The twins are being taken care of by Tacoma General's NICU team, the A team. They are stable, but it is a constant battle of tweaking inputs to make sure their oxygen, blood counts, nutrients, etc are correct so they can get strong and continue to grow. They are getting help with breathing and feeding and each baby has undergone blood transfusions. This is a sensitive time, but they are in the best possible place. We take each moment with one breath at a time.