Day 70 - Dad's First Tandem Hold

Day 70 – Tuesday, September 26, 2017

AGE: 10 weeks old (34 weeks, 6 day gestation)

Lochlan:                Weight is 2106 grams/4 lb. 10.2 oz. (Birth weight: 760 grams/1 lb 10.8 oz.)

Length is 17 inches (Birth length: 13 inches)
Lex:        Weight is 2210 grams/
4 lb. 14 oz. (Birth weight: 760 grams/1 lb 10.8 oz.)

Length is 16.9 inches (Birth length: 13 inches)


The boys are doing well and I am pleased to share a nice, boring update for their 10 week birthday. At this age, we don’t have to be as quiet or sensitive with light which means we can hold more freely. Kyle got to hold both his boys at the same time which was very special. Both boys are becoming more alert and curious about their surroundings.


For respiratory, nothing has changed over the past week on their CPAP settings which means we aren’t going backwards. At this point, they just need time to get stronger so we can start chipping away at the respiratory settings. Both boys are on track to join the 5 lb club in the next few days. Lochlan had a cranial ultrasound today that showed the shunt is continuing to do its job. The pediatric neurosurgeon is happy with its placement and progress. And a happy pediatric neurosurgeon equals a happy mother.


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