Day 90 - Family of Five

Day 90 – Monday, October 16, 2017

AGE: 12 weeks, 6 days old (37 weeks, 5 days gestation)

Lochlan:                Weight is  grams/ 6 lb. 4.5 oz. (Birth weight: 760 grams/1 lb 10.8 oz.)

Length is 18.3 inches (Birth length: 13 inches)
Lex:        Weight is  grams/
6 lb. 9.6 oz. (Birth weight: 760 grams/1 lb 10.8 oz.)

Length is 17.9 inches (Birth length: 13 inches)


On day 88 of life (October 14), we got our first family picture as a family of five. Poppy has had a cough for almost a month so we have had to keep her away. The cough finally diminished so she was able to come check in on her brothers. She is such a proud sister and wants to touch, kiss and talk to them. The boys are doing great and there is lots of talk about them coming home soon.


Lochlan joined the 6 lb club on  Friday (October 13). Lex recovered very well from his surgery. The day after surgery (October 12), he was extubated and put back on his low oxygen support. The same day, Lochlan got off his CPAP and is on the same respirator support as his brother (1/4 liter oxygen). They trialed both boys on room air on Sunday (October 15) but it didn’t go well and they were put back on oxygen in less than 2 hours. They will be able to go home on this level of oxygen support if necessary. At this point, the only thing keeping them from discharge is feeding. I have attempted to nurse both of them and they both have taken bottles, but it hasn’t been consistent yet so there is still work to be done. Lochlan is slightly ahead in the race to discharge because he is taking milk via bottle every other feed. Lex would probably take bottles as well, but he just wants to sleep all the time. I would like to guess that Lochlan will come home first, but Lex has been known to pull ahead in the last 100 yards. It is unlikely they will come home the same day, but, knowing these twins, they just might pull it off.

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