Day 85 - One Last Surgery

Day 85 – Wednesday, October 11, 2017

AGE: 12 weeks, 1 day old (37 weeks gestation)

Lochlan: 5 lb. 14.2 oz. (Birth weight: 1 lb 10.8 oz.) Length is 17.7 inches (Birth length: 13 inches)

Lex: 6 lb. 2.9 oz. (Birth weight: 1 lb 10.8 oz.) Length is 17 inches (Birth length: 13 inches)

Lex is going in for a planned surgery right now and it will hopefully be our last surgery during our NICU stay. He has two (maybe 3) hernias that will be repaired laparoscopicly. This isn't a surprise surgery, but is one more thing that has to be done before he can come home. He had to be intubated and got a little morphene so he is feeling fine. Recovery should be smooth, but this is a little set back for his road to discharge. Patiently waiting for the surgeon to tell us the procedure went flawlessly. I will post an update once he is in recovery.

Day 85 02.jpg
Day 85 01.jpg