A Feather: Spiritual Evolution to a Higher Plane

08.11.18: Since my #micropreemie twins were unexpectedly born 3.5 months early (@thesmallestfight), my art has been put on the backburner. I have had zero minutes to put towards my art. I find it sad, but at the same time I know this is just a season of my life so I accept this phase.

However, I was recently asked to do a custom commission of a feather which I accepted the challenge and, at this point in my life, it was an ambitious task. I began falling in love with beauty and strength in the feather as a symbol, but did not put much thought into it at this point. I was almost complete with my feather commission when I received the most beautiful story from an old friend from college.  After some small talk, he wrote me this message explaining his request.

 “My wife and I had a rough start to the year after she went through a miscarriage in mid January. It was a traumatic and painful event for us but we're coping with it as time goes by and through sharing our story. I want to be able to memorialize the pregnancy and our baby we never met. One thing we don't share much is the experience from the hospital but which means the world to us now. After my wife miscarried we were sitting in the ER for several hours in the middle of the night, most of the time in silence. We had a moment of calm between us when out of nowhere a small feather started flowing back and forth above my wife. We both watched it for several minutes as it moved up and down, finally settling on my wife's stomach. We didn't talk about it for days but later recollected that moment and how we both felt at peace. My wife doesn't necessarily have the same faith as I do but we both knew that was a sign our baby was ok, however either of us wanted to believe. It might sound silly but the feather means so much to us now. I would love to give my wife a painting of a feather to frame and keep in our nursery for when we do get to bring a baby home to remind us of our first. I thought it would be fun to have someone I know create that for us. If this is something you'd like to do let me know, no pressure!”

I instantly got goosebumps and, honestly, still do as I re-read this request. I expressed my condolences and support and replied with this, “remember I said I was starting a commissioned painting this weekend? Guess what it’s an image of... a feather.”

I began thinking more and more about a feather as a symbol. I did a google search and found that feathers symbolize freedom as well as ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane. I love when the pieces in life fit together like a puzzle. This is an image of the simple painting I completed for this brave couple. Notice that there are two feathers? Well, they recently announced that they are expecting a #rainbowbaby early 2019. This painting will hang in the nursery. I cannot be more happy for this family, their bravery and for allowing me to be a small piece of their beautiful story.


Read all about their inspiring pregnancy journey on her website at http://www.eatmorecakebycandice.com/ or on https://www.instagram.com/eatmorecakebycandice/